Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm thinking.... I'm thinking....

Writing is important for me.  Exercise is important for me.  Meditating is important for me.  Why don't I stop and make time for these things?  How do I make time for these things?  When I can't see a way, I stop and remember that God sees all.  He is on my side because I am on his side.  I will ask him to make the time in my day for these things and show me when it is. 

Cease striving.  I strive a lot!  I think I wear myself out with striving.  I strive to live up to my expectations even when they are beyond what others may expect of me.  So much effort is spent in this striving that I lose sight of God's expectations of me.  Confidence slinks off to the corner of my clogged brain leaving thoughts of "not good enough" lurking behind every thought.  Light shines through reminding me that confidence is mine in the Lord!  He is my confidence.  I am following after Him and listening to His voice.  I will be confident in that!  I will stand firm knowing He is my all in all, He cares for me, He teaches me, He forgives my mistakes!  I stand clean because of the blood of Jesus!

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