Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Do Not Love Vegetables

Surprised?  I eat them mostly because I feel good after I eat them.  As they enter my mouth, I actually receive little satisfaction from them.  Covered in salt and seasoning and cooked just right, they might please my taste buds on occasion.  Eating them raw hardly ever does it for me.  Yet, I want to like them because they make me feel good once they start radiating their nutrition inside my body. 

Many things in life are like this for me.  Perhaps that is why it is often hard to start the things I know will be good for me - no immediate satisfaction.  That burst of pleasure is such a great motivator!  When it isn't available I must shift to my wise person who reminds me of the benefits to come.  In reality, those things providing quick pleasure seldom last.  The benefits are only contained in a matter of minutes.  For example, scrumptious tasting brownies do not provide hours of energy nor does the taste last longer than about 2 minutes (5 if I am savoring each bite).  And laying around on my couch under a warm blanket feels great while I am there but as soon as I get up I am cold and feeling unproductive as I look around at all the things I needed to accomplish (not to say that laying on the couch can't be helpful for refreshing occasionally).  These two are so much more appealing than eating a nice fresh salad or scrubbing the bathroom floors but far less rewarding. 

So, I decided today to keep eating the vegetables and pray that God will change my taste buds so that I will be able to enjoy them and eat more of them.  It's a do your way into feeling type of thing.  I may not feel like doing it.  But, if I will do it for a stretch of time, I know I will feel like doing it eventually. 

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