Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrong or Right?

I read blogs. I mean daily. I love hearing the stories and insights of other people. Well, most of the insights. Some get me really riled up but that causes me to think out what I believe which is good. But then that gets me to thinking too much sometimes. You see, when I get on a topic that someone seems to disagree with, I tend to go into must... figure.... out ... the... right....stance... or... life....might... line of thinking. Don't get me wrong (there I go again with the wrong and right thing), I like how I want to do the right thing and seek to find truth. But many times it gets me so stirred up I can't think about anything else until I can search out what I think makes sense. I examine the arguments, research, talk about it with Jeff or someone else. Sometimes that helps. Many times it just stirs up more unrest for me. I want an answer. No, I want the correct answer. I DON'T WANT TO BE WRONG!!!!! If I am wrong I want to know so I can change. Then I hear God's sweet voice to me saying "My child, I love you. You don't have to be right on everything. I have provided grace and mercy to you in a never ending supply. Give that same grace to others who have a different point of view. Be humble daughter. And others will give you grace as well." Lord, make me humble and give me wisdom to trust in you!