Sunday, October 16, 2011

1000 Gifts
I am challenging myself to make a list of 1000 blessings. Won't you join me in counting your blessing too?

1. surprise shopping trip with friends for my birthday
2. friend giving me a night off during a rough week
3. same friend reminding me that I'm not crazy
4. husband coming home from work and helping me figure some things out
5. husband taking responsibility for improving discipline and helping me stick to it
6. improved behavior from my kids
7. so many happy birthday wishes
8. homeschool friends
9. pictures to help us retain memories
10. love of my children
11. constant outpouring love of my husband
12. being able to encourage someone at church this morning
13. lasagna made by husband
14. sitting at the park tonight as the sun sparkled off the water
15. oldest son sitting with me even though his head hurt
16. my 3 boys and husband watching Oklahoma! with me
17. playing Skip Bo Jr. Saturday morning
18. patience of my husband when I am in a depression
19. helping to teach ballet at GRACE
20. a voice to sing with