Monday, August 3, 2009


Lord, please give me more endurance! In so many areas of life, I know what I ought to do but often get so weary when results don't come quickly. Yet I know I must keep going. I need endurance. How do I get endurance? By persevering in what I am doing. The more I stick with something, the easier it becomes for me to continue in it. Of course it really helps to have friends and family cheering me on as I persevere. I am needing endurance in my quest to have alone time with God daily, in guiding and supporting and cultivating my children to grow up full of love and grace and in the image of God, in patience with myself when I fall short of my own expectations, in compassion towards others who may not have the same opinions as I have. Those are just a few that I am working on. Could you pray for me in these areas, that God would give me the endurance I need to keep up what I am doing? Is there any area I can pray for you to have endurance?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blessed and honored

I am blessed to be the mother, caretaker, cultivator of three children of the King on high! I am honored to work in the kingdom in this way. After all, children are so very precious to God. It is humbling to think that I have been granted the privilege of caring for such treasures! May God fill in the gaps that I miss in teaching my children how to live.