Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Little Something Everyday

I challenge myself to write a little something each day.  No requirements of length or depth of emotion do I give myself but the requirement of something.  I often hesitate to write fearing that what I say will not flow or may not stir any great emotions in a reader (should anyone read it at all).  Yet, I know that writing helps me think through the mess of ideas and questions circling round in my brain.

Only a few minutes remain of today's quiet time.  Yet, I am refreshed and ready to move on to tackle and enjoy the rest of what lays before me.  History.... home care....scouts....loving my family....living for my God.  My time was spent on reading blogs: itakejoy.com and womenlivingwell.org and the one that I posted about yesterday.  I was reminded that being a mom is a job of utmost importance.  That I should enjoy my time in this stage of life rings true to my soul.  Besides my ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God, I have been given two sub tasks that are above all other requests for my time: mothering three special boys into manhood and being a helpmeet to an amazing husband!

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