Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, today was the day. Mother's Day. I am so blessed to be one! Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with these blessing God has given me. The task seems to much for this one lady. In truth, it is too much. It is only by God's strength and guidance that I can care for and nurture my 3 young sons. Thank you for choosing me to be their mom, dear Father!

Here is a short synopsis of my day. My two oldest sons upon hearing from their dad that we didn't have enough money to take mom out for lunch decided they wanted to give the money they had to take us all out for lunch. So, they along with gift card Jeff received for a video he helped put together took us all to Red Lobster.

I said short didin't I. I was starting to get long. Back to short. Maybe I'll elaborate later.

Early morning Happy Mother's Day wishes from all my boys!

A reading of Proverbs 13 by my oldest son at breakfast! Followed by prayers of thanksgiving for me being their mom. (How humbling!)

Worshipping God with all five of us crowded on one end of the pew even though the whole pew was available!

Receiving a beautiful yellow long stemmed rose in Bible class as I was honored along with all the other moms!

Lunch at Red Lobster paid for in part by my oldest two sons!

Finding a lost dog, trying to figure out how to find it's owners, keeping it in the backyard, walking around the neighborhood trying to see if anyone recognized it or if he seemed to know where he was going. (Not my favorite part of the day but at least he is a nice tame dog. He seems healthy. No biting, no barking, and not much jumping. And NO! we are not keeping him!!!!)

Having yummy homemade jamocha ice cream together made by dad!

Watching a special mother's day puppet show put together and performed by my oldest!

Cuddling on the couch while watching a movie! All five of us on one couch for much of it!

Talking to my mom (Please pray for her knee. It keeps giving out on her and she doesn't know why.)

Spending a bit of time visiting with my neighbor who brought over some dog food for the dog! (Thanks T!)

Being invited to be someone's friend on facebook who I wasn't sure liked me!

Sitting on the swing outside with the fam!

Enjoying a smoothie and a mini game of connect four which I won!

Wow! I sure am blessed! Glad I went back to keeping it short!


7 D's said...

Awsome day indeed. Happy Mother Days to you Ms.Leah! I want to try sometime that Ice cream, I love Mocha in any way or shape.

Raders said...

First I told Benjamin wrong and he started to read Ps. 31, then you posted Prov. 13, instead of 31. Do we have family dyslexia or something?

It is an honor to be able to let you know how much we love you. Thank you for being a woman worthy of our praise.