Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just read a post about 20 steps to make laundry day easier. I was confused as to how you could come up with 20 ways to make it easier. That seemed like a lot. And laundry doesn't seem that difficult to me. I read it and they seemed practical. But I still don't understand why articles like this don't mention to just wash all your clothes on cold water. We do about two loads of laundry per day. I just get the clothes out of the hamper and put them in the washer. Add soap and turn it on a super load with cold water for a normal cycle for all clothes. Then if I have enough towels to wash that day, they get washed on a super load with hot water as an extra heavy load but still the normal cycle. Hope I don't offend anyone by suggesting it's ok to wash all clothes on cold. It is so much simpler for me to do a couple loads a day without all the sorting. I guess the fact that I don't iron may help too. Is there a good reason to separate your darks and lights and wash them at different temps? I have been doing it all on cold for so long I've forgotten.


Jenifer Davidson said...

very interesting article...i agree with you is laundry that hard that it warrants 20 steps.LOL. I dont agree with their perspective of having fewer clothes means less laundry...i think having fewer clothes means washing more often..but i know many people who live with fewer clothes and are very happy. I am a germaphobe so for me hot water is a must...especially for towels and sheets. my favorite colors are red and black and both bleed. i currently have sage towels that are now pink bc they were washed on HOT with the red..but those germs are dead LOL!! Anyway just wanted to say i agree with you..think up your own routine and just do it!

Camezi said...

I've never thought of washing everything on cold. I had the same thought as J . . . don't you need hot water for it to get clean? I agree. Laundry's not hard if you keep up with it. It's overwhelming when you save it all for one day. I do it everyday.