Friday, May 15, 2009

Imagination Improved

Okay. My boys do have imagination. And lots of it! Last night they were making chalk roads with barriers in the way for their remote control cars. They had to get around the barriers to get their "driver's license" they said. Well, that was what the oldest said. He also said that he could make mistakes while driving now because he had his license. I guess we have some teaching to do on that one! Maybe that is the same concept many drivers out there have today.

The boys have also spent a lot of time making videos this week, making up stories together with their toys, and making race tracks that go all over their room for their cars. The greatest thing is they were mostly doing these things together. All three of them in the same room with minimal fighting. Thank you God for blessing my kids with imagination! May I remember these times when the constant imitation comes again.