Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Toys!!

Charlie runs in the room a little out of breath, opens the front door, and says "Can someone unlock the door for me?" I'm thinking maybe someone has come to the front door and he is concerned I won't here them knocking. So, I look out the door. No one is there so I unlock it and he runs outside saying, "There it is! My monster trucks! I left them outside!" He was so excited to rescue his trucks! So pleased to have them back. He valued them greatly, for this morning at least. These small toys were of utmost importance. Not losing them was critical.

I began wondering, "How many things are like that for me?" What do I value? How many times do I see an opportunity to sit and cuddle with my loved ones as a most valued treasure to be seized and rescued? What about rescuing or seizing integrity, gentle words, kindness, patience, honor? When I have left these treasures out in the cold, will I run to them and bring them back inside or will I shun them and replace them with cheap imitations that will bring frustration to my house? What do you need to rescue and bring back inside your house?

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Camezi said...

Ouch! That's my toes you are stepping on!