Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doing Whatever I Want 2

Well, I spent 3 hours or so at Walmart this morning. I know, not your ideal place to shop when you have the day to yourself. But for me it was good. I tried on and found some nice looking clothes that were on mostly all under 10.00 each. I got to stop and look at whatever I wanted to look at. I bought myself some lip stain (I've never tried it before!), lip liner, and mineral foundation without having to look around to see which boy was getting into what or who was poking who and singing some song to annoy the others. I even got sunglasses and some earrings! Woo Hoo! I feel like a woman again! Well, at least I feel like I got to buy some girlie things! Got a couple of nightgowns too! So, even though I wish so much time hadn't passed while I was there, I enjoyed myself and keep repeating I can do whatever I want!

I spent a little bit of time at Mardel's looking around and getting a couple of things. Then got me a burger and shake at Sonic. When I arrived home there was a phone message from Jeff saying to call him as soon as I was able. I called to learn that Charlie had cut his finger on their hike bad enough to need stitches. The doctor said he nearly cut the tendon in his pinky finger. Charlie is fine now and Jeff is headed back to the campground to get the other two boys. I don't know if they will come on home now or what. I want him to do what is best but I was looking forward to several more hours.

Funny thing, I have the mixed feeling of wanting them back here and yet wanting more time to myself. So, I'll do my best to enjoy the time I have left without worrying about Charlie. I know he is fine and God is taking care of him. So, what next? I'll keep you posted after I enjoy the rest of my day. Enjoy yours!

I am trying to enjoy whatever time I have left but it is hard knowing Charlie is hurt.


Camezi said...

I'm so sorry that Charlie got hurt, but he's going to be fine.
I'm so happy that you got some time for yourself to do whatever you want. For those of us who chose to keep our kids at home, it almost never happens. I think spending 3 hours at Walmart to look at whatever you want without interrruption is a great way to spend it! I'm so glad you were able to get some stuff for you.


Spent the evening catching up on your blog. Wonderful stuff. Sure enjoying getting to know you and your family better.