Friday, July 11, 2008

Dogs and Life

Well, here we go on a new adventure! In a couple of weeks we will be dog owners! And are we going to step in lightly with one dog? Of course not, we are jumping in with two German Shepherd puppies. If it were only Jeff and me, we would not have a dog. We have had our adventures dog sitting in early marriage and quickly decided we are not a dog couple. But then came the kids... Those three boys full of life and energy who all want a dog or an animal of some kind. For so long we told them no because the yard was not fenced and we were certainly not having an indoor dog. I had even begun to think about a hamster or gerbil. But now that we have a fence and partly because our kids never begged for the dogs, we have decided it would be fun for the boys.

Jeff has never had a dog that he really remembers so I think he is a bit nervous about what to expect. He and Benjamin will be building a dog house tomorrow. Isn't Jeff ambitious and courageous!? And we will be reinforcing the fence to make sure our dogs stay home! Also the boys will have to learn to keep their toys put away so they don't get chewed on. Then there will be learning how to train the dogs. And I am sure we will have many fun adventures to come! I'll let you know how the dog house building goes.

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