Sunday, July 27, 2008

My God Will Deliver and Guide

My God will deliver and guide me. Even on a day like today when it feels like I must be the worst parent in the world. I am not giving specifics but it seems like two of the kids are needing a lot of training in specific areas and the other poor child, who we keep forgetting to do his eye exercises with, is seeing two of most everything again. And we were so excited when he began seeing one of everything on Thursday!!

It is not any fun getting crazy irritated with your kids. I am supposed to be spending this day loving and enjoying them. Reading together and playing together. I have been loving them but with training more than the fun sitting down and cuddling stuff. It is so hard to move past the irritation when it gets this bad. But as I sit and write I am reminded that God is bigger than this. I have irritated him like this many times and he still cherishes me. He stuck with me and waits for me to grow and takes the time and great effort to change me into a better person. I choose to do the same for my children. I choose to take this difficult day and fill it with love until we go to bed tonight. I choose to get myself calmed down and let God fill me with his love and patience. I choose to seek God's wisdom in shaping and molding my children. And I choose to begin right now in prayer!

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Camezi said...

Thanks for reminding me how I should be responding to the craziness of home schooling boys! Lord, help us all!