Monday, July 28, 2008

Take It Easy On Me

There is a song with those lyrics in them. However, that is the only part I can remember. They are the ones that speak to me the most. Especially since my mom reminded me to go easy on myself. Which I am learning to do more often, mom! Yet it is a struggle for me still. So I plan to follow my holiday thriving plan from Christmas which starts with embrace imperfection and goes on to leaving one thing undone each day on purpose. With school about to get started up again and summer frolicking about to end, I need to remember to not push myself to the point of a breakdown. I must stop and have fun each day. So, I am planning to do just that and document what fun I have each day. It may be a list at the end of the week to share with you or maybe I'll post it each day. I may be having so much fun I forget to share!! Anyway, let's see what tomorrow holds.

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Camezi said...

that sounds like a good plan--doing something fun everyday