Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Health Adventures

I have had so many health adventures in the last few years that my head has been spinning. But after beginning to see a new chiropractor things are finally starting to change for the better. I've seen several different chiropractors in my life and even had one I really like when God seemed to point me in a different direction. I will blog about that adventure another time. This chiropractor is the husband of one of the wives in my home school group and I have already seen many great changes.

I actually started this blog as a way to record my progress or setbacks in order to better remember how things are going. It can be really hard to remember how I was doing a few days ago if I feel really good or really bad today. So, I will be keeping this blog updated as I go along in my treatments.

This morning I had a lot of trouble sitting in the pew at church. My tailbone really hurt. The Bible class chairs didn't seem to bother me though. I haven't had this problem for at least a month so it was frustrating to have it pop up today.

I wasn't as dizzy today but still felt dizzy when turning my head at times. And my frustration was hard to control when things weren't going the way I wanted them to go. For example, when the kids were trying to help me mop the hallway by stepping in the bucket with socked feet and sliding up and down the sloshing wet wooden floors of the hallway. I was expecting them to dry the already wet floor with their socked feet, not get it sopping wet!! I was able to recognize that I was getting overly frustrated and about to lay the guilt on thick. I didn't stop myself completely but was able to tone it down once I realized I didn't want to make my kids cry because they had disappointed me. I learned that when I give them a job to do, I need to give more specific instructions and not leave a bucket of water with them and then walk away!

Benjamin ate a whole plate of cut up steak for dinner quicker than I have ever seen him eat meat! Then he seemed to be revived. We didn't have any beef yesterday.

I didn't notice Allen's eyes crossing as much today. Allen looks like he is putting on a little more weight and his pants fit better. They used to fall down a bit.

That's it for today.

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