Sunday, June 22, 2008

After Frustration, Peace

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Today was full of frustration but also full of recognizing God's goodness and love for me. The morning started with a little frustration over finding something to wear to worship time this morning. I have lost a bit of weight (woohoo!!) which has unfortunately made it hard to dress myself in comfortable clothes or clothes that look good on me. Anyway, right now my bed still looks like it threw up clothes. The good news is some of the clothes will not be going back in my closet which means less clutter which always makes life easier. Less clutter means more time to do the things I love to do-- like reading to my boys. It feels so good to get rid of things. More peaceful knowing things aren't stuffed in hidden places. After finally finding something to wear that I felt reasonably well dressed and comfortable in, I had a cup of hot tea and tried to prepare my mind for worship. I enjoyed talking with my oldest son about what God had done for him this week! We made it to worship, late, but got there in time to sing and adore God with a few breaks for the bathroom and quieting children.

After bible class, the family enjoyed watching the end of Nanny McPhee while our lunch reheated in the oven. But then after lunch it was time to get the house clean for small group. Jeff and I were both so tired and the kids weren't thrilled at the idea of clean up. We worked in various jobs and got it done but I felt like I was going to break down crying around 4pm. I was just so tired and had tried so hard not to yell at the kids or make them cry. Being patient and keeping your cool sure can take it out of you!!

Just before I reached the point of tears, my sweet husband said he would take the boys to get some meat at the store while I did whatever I needed to at home! He seems so tuned in to what I need to make it through my rough spots lately. Thanks be to God! I calmed down and was ready to enjoy our small group by the time they arrived.

It is amazing and wonderful to me that after feeling so frustrated all afternoon that I could feel so peaceful right now! After singing and talking with our small group I have a calm peace and joy welling up inside me. I feel God smiling and telling me to relax and enjoy this blessed life he has given me!

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Camezi said...

I thought you looked quite a bit thinnner! What a great "problem" to have. Let me know if you want to go shopping!:)