Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why I Love My Husband

He is  a man who wants to give everything all he has.  He adores me.  He does dishes.  He cleans up my messes.  He is patient with me.  He has beautiful blue eyes, a charming smile, and strong arms to rub my back or feet or carry us when needed.  He cares about people, really cares.  He wants us to grow - as a couple, individually, as a family, as a church, as a preaching school.  He knows how to have fun.  He likes to read and listen to interesting book/ articles/ podcasts and share them with others.  He is comfortable in almost any situation able to strike up conversation and feel at ease.  He genuinely listens to me as I sort out my thoughts.  He cares about what I care about.  He wants me to be me.  He wants me to like myself and value myself.  He likes himself.  He knows his computers.  He knows his electronics.  He teaches me when I don't know either.  He makes fires.  He keeps them going.  He makes beds and cleans when I can't.  He talks to our children.  He shares desires for our children to become men of honor who love God, know God, and live for God.  He calls his mom almost every week.   -- So much more to be said for another time.

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