Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello! Today is a day of joy and thanksgiving! Did you know that? Every day is when you are a child of the King!

I had my #30 molar removed yesterday. I am amazed and pleased to say I have had very little pain. Praise God for this! I have been tired most of the day but I can handle that much better. My sweet children have loved me by staying quiet all afternoon so I could nap, fixing lunch and snacks for themselves, playing together this morning. Thank you Lord for my children. I have spent quite a bit of time online trying to figure out what this white stuff is that is forming in my socket. Actually, I called the dentist this morning because I thought I had scrambled egg stuck in there. They said leave it alone. So I have. But I do keep looking at it anyway and some white stuff is on the other side of the socket now. From what I can surmise after looking around online, the white stuff is part of the healing process (maybe part of the clot) and should not cause a problem. If I have any swelling or pain, I will call the dentist. If I see him at Bible study tonight, I will probably ask about it. Otherwise, I will do my best to sit tight and release my worries to my Father.

I don't enjoy sitting around/ sleeping all day when I am tired. I feel kind of lonely and a little depressed. I like to be up and doing things or at least planning or thinking. But when I don't even want to think I know it is time to let my body have a rest. So I feel a little like I've lost a day.

The question I need to ask myself is: Did I glorify God today? I think so. I did what my body needed. I was loving and kind to my children. I spent some of my time trying to be a good steward by getting better deals on curriculum. I prayed for others. I let Tasha borrow my bike. I started my day in God's word. I hope I was pleasing to my Lord. I know there are things I did that were not pleasing, like too much time searching/ worrying about the white stuff in my tooth socket. Thank you Lord for your forgiveness and please increase my faith and trust more tomorrow!

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