Thursday, May 26, 2011


Feeling a little down today. Not sure why. The day seems to be dragging by slowly. It is only about 2pm. I guess I didn't have many plans for today and I am little tired or am I relaxed? I don't know.

Ben finished up all his work for his 5th grade year. Allen is mostly finished except for math (we will have "math camp" this summer to get him caught up). Charlie finished kindergarten several months ago really. Not sure if he will do any 1st grade work next year or if he will basically be doing all 2nd grade. The third child, mine anyway, seems to learn so fast. Faster than I want him to sometimes. So now I am wondering what do I do with all this time that lay in front of me? Well, the next two months anyway.

The boys are so independent now that I am feeling a bit lonely and unsure of what to do with my time. I know I will find many things to do. I want to make sure I spend special time with each of them before I get busy doing other things. But right now I find myself just wanting to have some fun and stop planning. Yet I know plans still have to be made. There are lots of fun things to be done but I just prefer to do them with my husband too. I am missing him alot today even though he was here this morning and I'll see him in a couple of hours.

I've got to get myself thinking positive. Down in the dumps is not a fun place to be. So, what do I have to be thankful for today? Healthy children, hard working husband, generous family members, faithful friends, forgiveness, mercy, grace, love. Cool breezes through my windows, shelter, chickens, birds chirping all day long. Tooth healing, clothes to wash, food to cook. That's better! Work to do, body to work, things to learn, patience in growing.

I read Proverbs 14:1 today about a wise woman building up her house. I want to be that wise woman. I want to build up. I want to serve and minister to my family and work with my hands to build them up for Godly purposes. I don't want lack of good sense to tear down my house. My children and husband are a blessing from the Lord. They are given to me to build up and love. I need to use good sense to do what I ought right now. I ought to get up and do something instead of staying in the dumps. And I guess I already have for I feel much better having refocused my mind to gratefulness for my blessings and to a mission to build up my house.

No more dumps here.

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Camezi said...

You can always give us a call and play with us! Hanging out with friends usually gets me out of the dumps. :)