Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a wonderful day!

What a wonderful day we had today! I made it my purpose today to enjoy each member of my family. I was looking for ways to spend time with them doing what they enjoyed doing.

I got my first chance upon waking as the kids were watching cartoons. I grabbed my water and headed for the couch where A was laying. Then C came in and I shared my blanket with him as he sat next to me and we talked about what we were watching. Then we shared breakfast together and another opportunity came as a request from B to let him dictate a story to me and type it on the computer. I love seeing how his mind works. He said he was thinking of the story last night. I plan to do better with seizing these kinds of opportunities. If I had asked him to do this kind of writing or thinking for a school lesson, it wouldn't have been well received. We wrote together and formatted chapter 1 of the story to look like a regular chapter book.Then he moved on to having his dad teach him how to use the computer to make a cover for his book.

I had a few minutes to myself to get dressed and then it was on to reading to the younger two outside. I can't remember the order of the rest of the day but I know A and C and I played Sorry! and then I played Uno Attack with all the kids. I played Mancala with B. I hardly ever win against him but I did just once with his help. We watched a stop motion video that B made that was so clever and entertaining! And we played croquet with the grandson of our neighbor. And every now and then came hugs and kisses with my sweetie.

I even got some planning for school and menus done. And J got the tile grout in the bathroom sealed and slow cooked (grilled) a brisket all day long. And then he cooked hamburgers because the brisket wasn't done enough for dinner. The brisket and hamburgers both turned out great!

So now I am looking forward to our Sunday. Another restful day to spend together and with our church family. Praise God for his rich blessings on my family and on your families as well.


7 D's Farms said...

I love it girl!!, mmmm slow cooked brisket it sound yummy to me.

Ohh excited!!

Camezi said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. :)