Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ramblings about today

Tonight's dinner was leftover soup. I used frozen turkey left over from Thanksgiving and frozen chicken broth as my base. Then I chopped up broccoli, orange bell peppers, and an onion and tossed it in the oven all together with olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to roast a while. I also roasted some garlic and some cherry tomatoes. After roasting the veggies I tossed them in with the broth and turkey meat and presto... Turkey and roasted veggie soup. Along with it I served very small portions of leftover mexican torta. Oh, I added a sprikling of cheddar cheese on top of my soup and a little extra salt. I liked it and two of my kids said it was pretty good. But one refused to even touch it. Guess it's gonna be a long day tomorrow because now he gets it for breakfast and probably lunch too. He seems to be heading towards a no breakfast person. Well, we will all have it for lunch then because there is enough for leftovers!!

This afternoon the younger two were pirates. Cushions off the couch and pillows strewn all over the living room. They were jumping from cushion to pillow and not touching the ground. Who knows the adventures they were having!

The kids played in the "snow". Well, they called it snow but it was really just ice all over the ground. But the older two had fun. Charlie went out for a while but it was too cold for much fun for him.

After snow playing, we had sugar cookie tea with Agave Nectar. I was hoping maybe we can change the hot chocolate tradition to a hot tea tradition when we come in from being really cold. But I know I will turn to hot chocolate from time to time. I love it! It is a comfort drink for me. Grandma makes a special mix that really isn't that chocolatey but you know... it just brings up feel good memories.

Hubby just started a fire. I was frustrated with him coming home later (over an hour) than he said he would but I think I will be ok. Just got really disappointed for a while and had some bad attitudes and irritating behaviors to deal with today. Plus our schedule is in a toss up while I am trying to figure out how to make needed adjustments. Honestly, I don't want to sit down and think about it but I feel convicted that is what I must do for everyone's sanity. So.... I will enjoy the fire and whatever else comes with the evening. And I will look over tomorrow's plans a bit better than I did for today.

Well, thanks for listening! Have a great day or evening!


Seven Danforth's said...

Sounds like a good plan to me girl!
I wish my fire was real, enyou the smell of the wood...Iam sure is lovely!

Camezi said...

Well, except for the bad attitudes and behaviors, it sounds like a great day. I'm dealing with those here, too.