Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fourth folder, Fourth picture

A friend of mine tagged me to post the fourth picture from my fourth photo folder on my computer and explain it. I am supposed to tag four people to do the same but I'm not sure I have four other blogger friends other than those she tagged. So, here is the picture. This is one of my senior pictures from 1993 (15 years ago!). Jeff scanned these into the computer in December just for fun! We were not dating at the time of the picture but by the end of our senior year we were dating again and married about 2 years later. We had been off and on dating since 9th grade! What a treasure to know someone and be known by someone through so many seasons of life!


Seven Danforth's said...

Cute girl.... Love the dress...you bearly have change!! I love you guys story! Hopefully some of our kids will have yours story!

Camezi said...

What a cool picture to turn up in your 4th folder. I can't do the tag--my usb ports are blown, so I can't access my pictures. :(