Monday, September 17, 2012

Ok.  So the laid back watch the kids for clues idea only semi worked today.  My body really needs a routine although my mind doesn't like having one.  Compromise needs to happen here so that my child and my adult (inside me) can get along well and accomplish good things. 

Where does the compromise happen?  I need a daily routine that can be flexible while scheduling in some non routine time.  Time to just let life happen I guess.  But right now so much seems scattered.  I will take time to sort through it and get back to you on how I plan to tackle this issue. 

A brief update on the rest of today:

Ben worked on figuring circumference and areas of circles.  Allen practiced multiplication facts online.  Charlie worked on his addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts aloud with me.  We all read Little Men together (Ben had to read the last part on his own due to misbehavior).  I read from My Guinea Pig to Charlie.  I read from The Hobbit to Charlie and Allen.  We all read from our Bibles but did not discuss today.  I think I will ask them about it at bedtime.  We also watched the construction across the street from time to time, watched the plumbers go in and out of our house while putting in a new water heater, watched Word Girl and Maya and Miguel, played Wii, encouraged "Tiger" the guinea pig to get comfortable with us by offering celery (She came out and took it from me!)  Now the boys are all off to Tang Soo Do. 

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